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LUELLYA is a connector manufacturer in China that has been in business for over 20 years. The company makes high quality products that are used in a variety of industries, including the automotive, telecommunications, and computer industries. LUELLYA has a strong reputation for quality and customer service, and is one of the leading connector manufacturers in China.



Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors

Different Types of Pipe Tube Fittings/Connectors

  By use - Tube Connector/Pipe Fittings

  By connection - Tube Connector/Pipe Fittings

  By material - Tube Connector/Pipe Fittings

How to Indicate the Model of The Pipe Fittings

China Pipe Tube Fittings/Connectors Manufacturer

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Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors


Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors are connecting tool between pipes and pipes, and a detachable connection point between components and pipes. It plays an indispensable role in pipe fittings, and it is one of the two main components of hydraulic pipelines.

Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors

Pipe joints are used for straight line connections such as instruments, and the connection forms include socket welding or threaded connections. It is mainly used for small-diameter low-pressure pipelines, for parts that need to be assembled and disassembled frequently, or as the final adjustment of pipelines using threaded pipe fittings.


Different Types of Pipe Tube Fittings/Connectors


Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors are a general term for the components in the pipeline system that play the roles of connection, control, direction change, flow splitting, sealing, and support. Pipe fittings include a wide range of common flanges, unions, pipe clamps, ferrules, throat clamps, tee and so on. What is the main purpose of these pipe fittings? How to classify it?


By use - Tube Connector/Pipe Fittings


Flange: The part that connects pipes to each other, mainly used for the connection between pipe ends.


• Live connection: also known as oil connection, it is mainly used for the connection of matching hardware fittings, and can be installed in various pipe joints.


• Pipe Hoop: A commonly used fitting in industrial pipe connections, it is used to connect a short length of two pipes.


• Ferrule: It is a stainless steel pipe connection, mainly used in mechanical pipe connection systems such as water treatment and municipal water supply systems.

Pipe Ferrule Fittings

• Throat hoop: It is an ideal connection fastener, suitable for fasteners connecting soft and hard pipes over 30mm, and has a beautiful appearance after assembly.


Elbow: a kind of connecting pipe commonly used in plumbing installations, it is used for connecting pipe bends and changing the direction of pipes.


• Bending: Use a complete set of bending dies for bending, no matter what kind of machine equipment and pipes, most of them use elbows.


• Reducer: Also known as big and small head, it is used for the connection of two different pipe diameters, and is divided into concentric big and small head and eccentric big and small head.


• Reducing Elbow: Change the diameter of the pipe when making a 90-degree turn, such as hot push elbow, stamping elbow, and welding elbow.

Reducing Elbow Fittings

• Branch pipe stand: A reinforced pipe fitting for branch pipe connection, instead of connecting types such as reducing tee, reinforced plate, and reinforced pipe section.


• Tee: A tee is a pipe connection, also called a pipe fitting tee or a tee fitting or a tee joint, which is used at the branch pipe of the main pipeline.

Brass Tee Pipe Connection

• Four-way: used to connect four pipes with the same diameter and the same vertical, mainly used for shunt or direction change.


• Gasket: A material placed between two flat surfaces to strengthen the seal, a sealing element placed between tight surfaces to prevent fluid leakage.


• Raw material tape: an auxiliary product commonly used in plumbing installation, used at the connection of pipe fittings to enhance the airtightness of the connection of pipes.


• Thread hemp: A commonly used auxiliary product in plumbing installation, it is used to wrap around the thread of pipe fittings, which can act as a seal and prevent water leakage.


• Flange blind plate: also known as blind flange, the real name is blind plate, it is a connection form of flange, in fact, it is a flange without a hole in the middle.

Flange Plate

• Pipe plug: refers to the externally threaded pipe fittings used to block the internal thread at the end of the pipe, including square pipe plugs, hexagonal pipe plugs, etc.


• Head: It is a part of the container, which refers to the element used to close the end of the container to isolate the medium inside and outside, also known as the end cap.


• Welding plugs: used to protect some parts of the welding parts that need to be protected or are easily injured and deformed during the welding process.


• Pipe clamp: a pipe fitting used for pipe fixing, a type of pipe fitting commonly used in plumbing installations, used to fix pipes.


• Valve: a control component in a fluid conveying system, with functions such as cut-off, regulation, diversion, pressure stabilization, diversion or overflow and pressure relief.


• Compensator: It is composed of bellows and end pipes, brackets, flanges, conduits and other accessories of the main body of its work. It belongs to a kind of compensation element.


• Decontamination device: prevent impurities in the pipeline medium from entering the transmission equipment or precision parts, causing production failure or affecting product quality.


• Reinforcing tube: Reinforcing means increasing strength. Improve the strength of the area by increasing the stressed area, basically a forged tube.


• Snap ring: It is the main retainer for removable denture restoration. It is made of metal and mainly plays the role of retention, stability and support.


• Tow hook: refers to the hook on the tugboat for hooking the tow line and making it easy to release. It can be divided into spring tow hook, hydraulic tow hook, remote control tow hook, etc.


• Lifting ring: It is a kind of industrial spreader, a device for lifting heavy objects in hoisting machinery. Common lifting rings include round lifting ring, pear-shaped ring and so on.


• Bracket: The truss supporting the middle roof truss is called a bracket, generally a parallel chord truss, and its web member adopts a herringbone system with vertical rods.



By connection - Tube Connector/Pipe Fittings


• Welded pipe fittings: pipe fittings connected to pipes by welding, including elbows, flanges, tees, reducers, heads, etc.

Welded Pipe Fittings

• Threaded fittings: threaded fittings, commonly used in water and gas pipes, small-diameter water pipes, compressed air pipes and low-pressure steam pipes.


• Tube fittings: It is a new type of quick fittings with good sealing performance and can be used repeatedly. It is suitable for pipeline systems of oil, gas and general corrosive media.


• Clamp pipe fittings: used to fasten the connection between quick joints, including clamps, quick joints, silicone sealing gaskets, chuck blinds, etc.


• Undertaking pipe fittings: a kind of high-pressure pipe connection fittings that are formed from round steel or steel ingot die-forged blanks, and are machined and formed by lathes.


• Curved double-melt fittings: Fittings with ports of the same size as the pipes to be connected, and connected by hot-melt butt welding.


• Bonded pipe fittings: pipe fittings that are connected by solvent-based adhesives, such as PVC plastic pipes.


• Rubber ring-connected pipe fitting: It is composed of pipe fitting body, sealing end cover and sealing rubber ring.


By material - Tube Connector/Pipe Fittings


• Cast steel pipe fittings: The design thickness of cast steel pipe is large and heavy, its weldability is poor, and its carbon content is high, so the welding seam requires on-site heat treatment.

Pipe Fittings Stainless Steel

• Rubber pipe fittings: mainly used for industrial, mining and civil transportation and suction of liquids and gases, including rubber hoses, rubber gaskets, rubber grouting pipes, etc.


• Cast iron pipe fittings: pipes made of cast iron, including water supply cast iron pipes, sand centrifugal cast iron straight pipes, drainage cast iron pipes, etc.


Stainless steel pipe fittings: including stainless steel elbow, stainless steel tee, stainless steel cross, stainless steel reducer, stainless steel pipe cap, etc.


• Plastic pipe fittings: made of synthetic resin, adding stabilizers, lubricants and plasticizers, and then extruded. Mainly used for water supply system piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes, rainwater pipes, wire threading pipes, etc.

Plastic Pipe Fittings

• PVC pipe fittings: made of polyvinyl chloride resin combined with stabilizers, lubricants, etc., and then extruded by hot pressing, which can be divided into PVC-U pipes, PVC-M pipes and PVC-O pipes.


• Graphite pipe fittings: refers to the combination of impermeable graphite pipes and pipe fittings, mainly used to transport corrosive media without metal ion pollution, and also has good thermal conductivity.


• Forged steel pipe fittings: pipe fittings made by forging. Forging is made by impact force and forging, including forged steel flanges, forged steel reducers, forged steel tees and so on.


• PPR pipe fittings: including U-shaped pipe clamps, dark valves, equal-diameter tee, flanges, flange iron rings, pipe plugs, etc. The key connections of ppr are hot-melted, which has high plasticity.


• Alloy pipe fittings: The Pipe Fittings Made of alloy steel, including alloy tee/cross, alloy reducer, alloy head, flange, etc.


• PE pipe fittings: can be used for connection between various flexible belts, such as connection of PE pipes, UPVC, steel pipes, etc.


• abs pipe fittings: made of resin copolymerized with three monomers of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, it is an engineering plastic with high strength, high impact resistance, high hygienic performance and high aging resistance.


How to Indicate the Model of The Pipe Fittings


The types of pipe fittingss include straight-through fittingss, straight-through fittingss, tee fittingss, elbows, fittingss with living nuts, hinged fittingss, plugs, transition fittingss, etc. The composition of the double ferrule fittings is a front snap ring, a rear snap ring and a nut. Commonly used materials are stainless steel and carbon steel metric, American and British thread standards.


NPT, PT, and G are all pipe threads. NPT belongs to the American standard 60-degree tapered pipe thread, which is used in North America. It is a 55-degree sealing tapered pipe thread. It belongs to the Whitworth thread family and is mostly used in Europe and the Commonwealth of Nations. Commonly used in the water and gas pipe industry, the taper is specified as 1 to 16.


G is a 55 degree non-threaded sealing pipe thread, which belongs to the Wyeth thread family, and is marked with G for cylindrical thread. The quarter, half, and eighth marks in the thread refer to the diameter of the thread size, in inches. People in the industry usually use minutes to refer to the thread size. One inch is equal to 8 minutes, and one quarter of an inch It is 2 points, and so on. G is the general name for pipe threads (Guan), and the division of 55 and 60 degrees is functional, commonly known as pipe circle. That is, the thread is machined from a cylindrical surface.


ZG is commonly known as pipe cone, that is, the thread is processed by a conical surface. The old domestic thread is marked as Rc and the external thread is R. The metric thread is expressed by the pitch, and the American and British threads are expressed by the number of threads per inch. This is The biggest difference between them is that the metric thread is a 60-degree equilateral thread, the inch thread is an isosceles 55-degree thread, and the American thread is 60 degrees. Metric threads are in metric units, and American and British threads are in imperial units.


Pipe threads are mainly used to connect pipes, and the inner and outer threads are closely matched, and there are two types of straight pipes and tapered pipes. Nominal diameter refers to the diameter of the connected pipe, obviously the major diameter of the thread is larger than the nominal diameter. One-quarter, one-half, and one-eighth are the nominal diameters of imperial threads in inches.



China Pipe Tube Fittings/Connectors Manufacturer


Quality Metal Connectors from LUELLYA


LUELLYA uses a network of reliable suppliers to provide quality proven materials to manufacture connectors, and its consistent material quality ensures a stable production cycle. Advanced laboratory equipment can detect corrosive chemicals, test for the presence of leaks, and determine the performance of our catheters under extreme conditions. When delivered, our Plastic And Metal Pipe Tube Fittings/Connectors can be installed anywhere because they meet every quality requirement for rigorous testing of our complete facility.


Benefits of Working with LUELLYA for Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors


LUELLYA handles internal processes on a platform, operated by engineers, to know exactly what Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors you need. The easy availability of Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors enables us to reduce production costs and guarantee the production and delivery of many orders in a short period of time. With our experienced R&D team and engineers, we develop OEM solutions that further drive high quality Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors parts to meet your needs.


About LUELLYA - Conduit,Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors Manufacturer


Such Pipe Fittings/Tube Connectors products may seem unfamiliar, but in fact, they are indispensable in our warm homes and public cities. Therefore, we need our keen eye to choose the best products, or you can also contact me. Our company specializes in the production of hardware series products, mainly exporting metal hoses and fittings. It has a history of more than 30 years, and we have our own The factory can well control the assembly line and quality of the entire product.


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